Gilsonite in Asphalt Binder

As it is practical to add Gilsonite to Slurry to make cheaper bitumen, Gilsonite can also be applied in asphalt application, making cheaper and enhanced asphalt.

Applying Gilsonite to asphalt is simple, since it can be put directly into the hot mix at the factory or the project site. Gilsonite natural Bitumen content will react immediately with molecules and creates higher modules decreasing the thickness of asphalt while gaining superior properties. This will eventually result in having cheaper asphalt which easily passes the international standards.

Interesting Fact:

Researches show applying Gilsonite in Asphalt Binder is successful in high performance temperature while it does not affect in low performance temperature. 

Also while in North America a low ash content Gilsonite is used for this application, in China it has been proven that the asphalt binder can take up to Ash 20% Gilsonite with 80-100 mesh. However, at the moment the technology is limited to a single company only. Also there has been successful testing of Ash 10% natural bitumen in India & Iran for asphalt modifier. In case the suppliers can prove their technical performance, Gilsonite as asphalt binder will be a very common and economical product worldwide. Considering the low Gilsonite Price from the mentioned sources and high ash content of the Gilsonite applied, this practice will result in elevated performance and is cost-effective as well.

Another Gilsonite application on asphalt is to make Pavement Sealer or generally called Gilsonite Sealer based on bituminous materials. This task is done in order to increase the lifetime of a pavement. The product is used at the consumer level and is sold in tool shops all over the American continent.




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