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What is Gilsonite…

Gilsonite is a Brand Name for Grahamite a type of Solid Bitumen which is exploited by American Gilsonite Company in USA. Solid Bitumen is categories into below names (some brands) and our commonly known as Gilsonite since American Gilsonite Company is a Pioneer in the field for a century.

American Gilsonite

American Supply of Gilsonite Gilsonite was first founded as a supply in the United States of America by pioneers of this business in the late 1,800s. Through the years, the knowledge to apply and Gilsonite usage has been developed significantly among the US suppliers,

Gilsonite in Oil Well Cementing

A wellbore is a hole that is drilled to assist exploitation of natural resources including oil, gas or water. Wellbore will be the primary hole which the final well will be made. Also, wellbore can be encased by Steel or Cement or may not be encased depending on the situation.

Gilsonite Global Reserves

Reserves of Natural Bitumen (Gilsonite) are spread all over the globe in several areas and within many basins in different forms considering the geological nature of each area. Many of the areas are well explored such as Utah in USA and some are known to some extent such as reserves of Gilsonite in Angola and […]

Albanian Gilsonite

 Albanian Gilsonite While most of the resources of natural bitumen exist in Oil countries in Europe and Middle East, Albania has a large amount of Gilsonite deposits which are being invested on and exploited increasingly during the past years.

Colombian Natural Bitumen

As per provided geological reports and studies made for Heavy Oils, the reserves of natural bitumen are mostly located in Southern part of Colombia which are currently exploited and exported. Colombian Gilsonite range of ash content is from 1.5% to 15% while having high solubility content and very suitable for different applications. Currently over 20 […]

Iran Gilsonite

Around 1960’s Gilsonite Mines were explored in West of Iran and samples of cargoes were sent to USA for testing and further development. With Iranian revolution in 1979 the connections between Iran & USA turned and any mutual commercial activities stopped so as the development of Gilsonite mines in Iran by Americans. Later in 1998 […]

Gilsonite in Inks & Paints

Gilsonite is utilized in a wide range of applications in Ink & Paint industries. Applying Gilsonite in this segment is used as weatherproofing paint bonding and fade-resisting stain pigments, while there will be an economical approach as well. The application is widely considered for Bitumen-based paints which are commonly used in car manufacturing industry. Adding […]

Lake Asphalt Applications

The Natural Bitumen, found in some places, has a very low softening point, making the product a semi-solid material mixed with dust and mineral contents. Such natural bitumen is found in several countries, such as Trinidad, Iran and Indonesia.