Colombian Natural Bitumen

As per provided geological reports and studies made for Heavy Oils, the reserves of natural bitumen are mostly located in Southern part of Colombia which are currently exploited and exported. Colombian Gilsonite range of ash content is from 1.5% to 15% while having high solubility content and very suitable for different applications. Currently over 20 […]

Gilsonite in Asphalt Binder

As it is practical to add Gilsonite to Slurry to make cheaper bitumen, Gilsonite can also be applied in asphalt application, making cheaper and enhanced asphalt.

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Gilsonite Technical Data Sheet – TDS

Gilsonite mineral originates from diverse locations from different mines, which results the technical data sheet be dependent on the material’s origin of exploitation. Also there are many aspects of natural bitumen which aren’t tested properly, and each origin tends to measure the characteristics which are considered their Gilsonite’s advantages.

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American Supply of Gilsonite

Gilsonite was first utilized as a supply in the United States of America, by the pioneers of this business in the late 1800s. Through the years, the knowledge of usage and applying Gilsonite has developed significantly among the US suppliers, while there’s been little research and hardly any development in other countries and even among the end-users to make a serious competition. Basically the Gilsonite that is supplied by American suppliers has a steady and reliable quality, given that US Gilsonite sellers have been top players of the market over a century, possessing high technical and practical knowledge.

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