Gilsonite Technical Data Sheet – TDS

Gilsonite mineral originates from diverse locations from different mines, which results the technical data sheet be dependent on the material’s origin of exploitation. Also there are many aspects of natural bitumen which aren’t tested properly, and each origin tends to measure the characteristics which are considered their Gilsonite’s advantages.

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Gilsonite Physical Specifications

Gilsonite mineral is exploited from the nature in different ways. In most cases Gilsonite or any other type of natural bitumen, is a solid substance. However, depending on the area of availability, the softening point can change. For example Iran Gilsonite has softening point of mostly 160-220 degrees Celsius, while Trinidad natural bitumen has a softening point below 100 degrees Celsius, making it called “Trinidad Lake Asphalt”, since the material is soft and almost liquid under temperature of the sun.

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