Lake Asphalt Applications

The Natural Bitumen, found in some places, has a very low softening point, making the product a semi-solid material mixed with dust and mineral contents. Such natural bitumen is found in several countries, such as Trinidad, Iran and Indonesia.

Having a low softening point, makes it possible to directly use the natural bitumen into the hot mix for asphalt and to create asphalt sealant. The material from Indonesia is sold at much lower price than bitumen, making it a proper raw material for non-standard asphalt. The expensive Trinidad lake asphalt is vastly used in Asphalt paving compositions, Asphalt-based penetrant, Rubberized Asphalt primer and many other applications in roofing, etc.

Ease of application has made interest on lake asphalts, while the low softening point can decrease energy costs of the users. Lake asphalt can be the base substance or additive to a diverse range of products, mostly sealants and bitumen based materials.

During the recent years the low softening point natural bitumen from Albania and Iran has entered the market while their low prices have attracted international buyers to purchase and apply new origins of lake asphalts.



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