Gilsonite Price

Gilsonite Price

While Gilsonite has a wide range of quality, it also originates from many different locations (please see Global Locations of Natural Bitumen). Hence it’s not feasible to measure a steady and exact price for the product. Also there is no official online reference for Gilsonite Price or within any database.

We, at, have gathered some valid Gilsonite prices from certified suppliers (please refer to Gilsonite Supply of each origin for certified Gilsonite suppliers list). Respectively, the current prices based on the provided references can be found as below:

No.OriginSupplierMax Ash Content

(% of Weight)

FormDelivery PointPrice


1USAAmerican Gilsonite1.0%PowderCFR North China1,430
2USAChevronSulfonatedPowderCFR West India2,670
3IranRazan Himan 8%PowderFOB Iran220
4AlbaniaVenstar Inc.10%PowderCFR North China265

We also sincerely invite any certified supplier to share their own updated Gilsonite price with us. Upon which we will be able to gather a proper insight on the Gilsonite market worldwide. This is because measuring the real value of Gilsonite depends on many aspects, and can be very complicated in some cases.


– Chinese Customs Data Base
– Zauba Technologies & Data Services

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