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Gilsonite MSDS

In this section, Material Safety Data Sheet is provided for different kinds of Gilsonite. Present MSDS files are from reputable Gilsonite Suppliers and can be tuned for various applications. Basically, Gilsonite MSDS is same for all uses when supplied from a single origin. That is because the softening point and flash point are pretty much […]

American Supply of Gilsonite

Gilsonite was first utilized as a supply in the United States of America, by the pioneers of this business in the late 1800s. Through the years, the knowledge of usage and applying Gilsonite has developed significantly among the US suppliers, while there’s been little research and hardly any development in other countries and even among […]

Gilsonite in Oil Well Cementing

A wellbore is a drilled hole that assists exploitation of natural resources including oil, gas or water. Wellbore is the primary hole on which the final well will be made. Also, wellbores can be encased by steel or cement or in some cases, depending on the situation, may not be encased.

Gilsonite Physical Specifications

Gilsonite mineral is exploited from the nature in different ways. In most cases Gilsonite or any other type of natural bitumen, is a solid substance. However, depending on the area of availability, the softening point can change. For example Iran Gilsonite has softening point of mostly 160-220 degrees Celsius, while Trinidad natural bitumen has a […]

Global Locations of Natural Bitumen

  Natural Bitumen (Gilsonite) reserves are spread over the globe in quite a lot of regions especially within basins. With regards to the geological nature of each area, natural bitumen can be found in different forms. Many such areas are well explored, for example Utah in USA, and some are known to some extent, such […]