Albanian Gilsonite

While most of the resources of natural bitumen exist in Oil countries in Europe and Middle East, Albania has a large amount of Gilsonite deposits which are being invested on and exploited increasingly during the past years.

Major characteristics of Albanian Natural Bitumen is the lower softening point comparing to other resources making less energy costs for the applicators. Ash content of Albanian Gilsonite is above 10% from any mine while the bitumen content seems to vary. Overall the Albanian Gilsonite can be a good competition for Trinidad Lake Asphalt as it can be applied directly into the hot mix for bituminous materials.

Known Certified Suppliers of Albanian Gilsonite:

1- Selenice Bitumi Sha,

Known Black-listed Suppliers of Albanian Gilsonite:

1- Mr. Diego Sala, known companies: Sartitan; Seven Seas Consulting

Note: In order to submit a black-listed Gilsonite supplier to our database, solid evidence shall be provided to support the information which will be posted only after getting checked by our specialists.)

Problems for Albanian Gilsonite supply:

– Gilsonite is mostly supplied in powder form internationally. In Albania there are few facilities with the proper machinery to micronize and pack Gilsonite; therefore the supply quality on this aspect is always questionable.

– Doing business is generally difficult in Albania as the ethics of a clean business are not implemented into the underdeveloped economy yet, making a risky business for any outsider to buy Albanian Natural Bitumen.

– Comparing the Ash content and Bitumen content, it seems the impurities within the Albanian Gilsonite do not follow the usual trend between Ash & Bitumen content which you could find in American or Iran Gilsonite.



– Several Chinese entities assisted on making this article which requested to remain anonymous.